Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wow. Just Wow.

So, this past wednesday I had to go to Manassas for a continuing education course that was being offered. I have a friend that I met on the, Ida, who met up with me for lunch afterwards and man did we have alot of fun, and that is an understatement! The lunch was fun, and we got to know each other and had a great time! Then, it was time to leave, and I couldn't find my keys - I freaked out. Oh no, I left them in the car. I even said to myself before I got out of the car to go in to the restaurant, "DON'T leave your keys in the car, Rachael!" But did I listen? NOOOOO. So the next fourty - fifty minutes (I'm not sure how long) Ida's fiance and his best friend (followed by a random homeless looking guy) tried to use a coat hanger, a wooden wedge, and a stick to get my car door open, until a fourth guy finally came over with a slim jim and managed to push the button on my automatic locks to get it open! It was embarrassing, but it's a funny story that Ida and I can relive every time we get together now! Here is a picture of us at my car waiting for Josh to come with the coat hanger and wedge.

So, the next day I come to find out that the credits for that class were only valid in MD, and DC - not in WV. So I went to the class for nothing, got my keys locked in my car for nothing! PLUS, (warning: irony coming at you full steam) I realized last night that I have an extra key in my purse, it's just not where I thought to look at the time.


So, that was this weeks adventure. Stay tuned, I'm sure I'll do some other rediculously stupid thing in no time.

Oh, and totally off subject but AWESOME, my nephew is officially walking! =)

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