Sunday, September 12, 2010

Seems all I do is read these days...

Hello there!

Life has been pretty crazy this past week in our household getting geared up for the new football season. I have ultimately decided that I will join my husband this year and root for the J! E! T! S! Jets, Jets, JETS! I still love Payton Manning, but I am just in love with Mark Sanchez and I am totally 100% behind the team this year, and forevermore! It is my first educated football decision - and I am standing behind it, because I really didn't know who I was picking when I started watching football. So, anyway, yay football!

I'm still being lazy in my blogging and my Friday My Husband Rocks posts, but I'm working on it I swear! I did however, finish another book last week called Mr. and Miss Anonymous:

I completely enjoyed this book, and all of its twists and turns, although I think that there could have been JUST a bit more drama in it for me. But it was a good read, and I do recommend it!

I also went out with my best friend for a shopping day last Thursday so I am going to count that as my "girls night" for this month. I know technically it was a day, but I make the rules - so there =)

I discussed the living room "family wall" with Mike today and I think we are in agreement that we are going to combine the wedding and family wall and do four shelves (two on either side of the tv) and then just randomly put photos and memories up there as well as a "(Last Name) Family est. July 5, 2009" wall hanging above the television. We might even consider another shelf underneath the television for the tv boxes to sit on so that we can get rid of the bulky table that is there. Here is what the tv wall looks like now:

And here is what I'm thinking I want to do with it:

(I know the drawing is a little crude, but hey all I have is paint on my computer!)

I think with any luck I can make it look really nice!

I am so close to checking off number 71 and 72 - they should be done and over with by the end of this month! I only have about $600 left on my car, and then Mike and I have decided that if we are able to we are going to trade it in. We're hoping to find a decent used  pickup truck of some kind. We've got a system for our budget that seems to be working, so if we're doing ok at the end of November I think I'll go ahead and check that one off too! So exciting to be almost all caught up! I also started a journal of my happy thoughts and thankfuls, but I haven't been doing well with it, I was going to complete them each night before bed, and I'm going to try to stick to that. I just need to get caught up.

That's pretty much it for the update for now. I will write more soon!


Vanessa said...

Ha, you have a collection of shot glass, so do we. What are yours?

Rachael said...

We get one from every state/place we visit. We only have about 8 so far, but we're working on it =)

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