Thursday, April 26, 2012

The (Return of) Nail Files: XI

I'll be honest I haven't done nail polish posts the last four or so weeks for two reasons:

1. Because I've been on an anti-computer unplugging kick.

2. Because my nails have been a COMPLETE WRECK.

I'm serious....

Chipping, breaking, and just general yuckiness to the point where I finally gave up and cut them all short. I learned that it is a lack in vitamins that causes your nails to chip and break and be weak. So, I have started back with a multi-vitamin (yay for vitacraves gummies!) and I am starting back with the painting this week.

I thought that since my nails were really short that I would need something fun and funky to really hide the crappiness that are my nails right now, so I decided to finally try THESE:

I love zebra print. Seriously...

My wallet is zebra print.
My checkbook is zebra print.
My cell phone cover is zebra print.
I have zebra print earrings.
I have a zebra print headband.
I have a zebra print umbrella.
I have a zebra print purse.

You see why I had to try these??

Here's how it turned out!

I have to say that while I loved how these looked, they did not stay very well. My nails were clean, and polish free, but for some reason they just did not stick very well. My friend told me to buff my nails first next time, and I'll give it a try once more, but for the price versus the time they lasted (about 6 hours) it wasn't worth it to me, especially since they say they are supposed to last for 10 days.

These were also by Kiss, which to me is a cheaper nail polish company. I want to try the Sally Hansen ones next. I'll be sure to do a post on them to tell you if I like them better.


P.S.- You see that color that I'm holding? I think that's going to be my next color - I got it and I'm super stoked to try it, because it's really interesting looking. It looks almost metallic! See you nail polish enthusiasts next week!

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Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

LOVE Kiss nail dresses, I have the leopard ones!

Thanks for linking up with Mani Monday!

hotpants™ said...

They look so good in the pic. I hate that they don't last though.

I'm visiting from Mani Monday!

Jill @ Being Spiffy said...

I'm glad they lasted for the picture! lol I have some I need to try out and haven't yet. Now I'm nervous!

Visiting from Mani Monday!

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