Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Waist Watcher Wednesday: Week 17!

This is a weekly link party for everyone wanting to get back in shape, where we can post/comment our stats and offer each other helpful advice, workout ideas, what works for you, what doesn't and just generally support each other so that when we think about giving up we will have bloggy friends to lift us up again!

So, I will post one inspirational thing, a workout that I want to try, or something workout related every week, and I encourage you to do the same! Let's inspire each other into getting healthy this year and making our waists disappear!

So, I'm doing really badly still. I bought more Keebler Girl Scout Knockoff cookies this week, and didn't work out. AT ALL. I feel terrible. I'm tired all the time, and I STILL have this emphysema-like cough that sounds like I've been smoking for 40 years. I hurt and ache, in my shoulders and lower back mostly, but after 3 days straight at work it's pretty much everywhere. I don't do anything all day, and I'm still just so tired. I stay up late and don't get up early. I think I may have diabetes, but I'm not sure. I am always getting headache after headache, and I don't have a good diet. I eat maybe once a day, sometimes twice. I'm trying to get better at it, and usually eat breakfast after I feed Natalie in the morning. (ahem....afternoon) On my days off, I'm usually running everywhere with Mike and can never get to the gym.

So I'm going to take your advice and start going to bed at 1:00 am at the latest, and going to the gym in the morning before Hubby goes to work - I think. I can do this. I hope.

The plan is to go to bed around 1 am at the latest. Get up at 7:30 am. Go to the gym for an hour. That makes it 8:30 am - 8:45 getting back. Eat breakfast. Get Natalie up around 10 am. Start pushing her bedtime back to about 10-11pm. (THAT part is going to suck because that means she'll start being in bed before I get home at night) If I do this, then eventually I should be able to get up at 7:30 no matter what day it is. Except Wednesdays and Sundays I'm going to allow myself to sleep in, because those are Hubby's days off.

AND NO MORE WHINING! (Thanks for listening to my rant)

I saw this on Little Miss Nerd Girl tonight and it spoke to me.

[If you'd like to participate]

Blog about your weight loss goal, frustrations, struggles, accomplisments, weigh-ins, whatever you feel! Then come back here and link up in the collection at the bottom of this post. And while you're here grab the WW Wednesday button to use on YOUR blog!

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To make things a little more fun, each week I will choose a random linker to put up as a STELLAR WAIST WATCHER OF THE WEEK. You will get a button with the link back to your blog and it will stay up for the whole week! How cool is that?

This week's Stellar Waist Watcher of the week is: Megan at Miss Madison's Charmed Life! Congrats girlie and welcome to the link up! I hope to see you linking up again this week, and enjoy your week of being my Stellar Waist Watcher!

[Encourage each other]

Check out the other linkers and leave them a comment with some kind words! We are all going to need a kick in the pants or a hand to help us up throughout this process! It will also keep us all accountable if we know our bloggy friends are watching!

Don't forget to grab the button on my sidebar and show the blogworld that you're a waist watcher!

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Vanessa said...

Hi! Just found your blog..I think it is great to have cyber support from blog friends on this weight loss journey! I will be linking up!


Rebebebe17 said...

Hi! I too just found your blog and am new to blogging and I really have no idea what a blog hop is, but I googled it and I am going to try my best to participate too! Thanks for this!

:) Roro

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