Friday, February 15, 2013

Little Miss Natalie

Lately I've been thinking about how I have a hard time remembering the little details and quirky things that my girl does, says, etc. I am also really bad about writing it down in the pretty little notebook that I bought for her.

SO, I thought maybe what I can do is write it all down here, document with photos and then print them all out and turn them into a book for her someday down the road. It's a great idea in my head, so I'm going with it.

Some things that I really want to start with is this. Natalie:

  • I love how you spin around in circles to make yourself dizzy, and turn your eyes the opposite way to which you are spinning. You are so silly!
  • You are learning things so fast!
  • You brought your name place mat to me, and started saying the letters in your name.
  • You are saying "mommy, daddy, cook, up, bye-bye, see you later, juice, and night night" I know there is more, but those are the ones that stick out to me right now
  • You know how to put your coat on, and can almost do it by yourself. You even know that it zips!
  • You climbed into Daddy's shoes and started walking around!

  • You are starting to pay attention to movies - you watched The Lion King all the way through with Mommy last Friday!
  • I love how you are with your baby doll. You feed her, give her a paci, hug her, read to her, and carry her around. You are going to be a GREAT big sister!
  • You are SO well behaved. You eat great, sleep great, don't fight your carseat, and you are so laid back when plans change and you don't get your nap.
  • You are always so happy and smiley! Mommy loves to make you belly laugh by blowing raspberries on your belly and tickling your feet.
  • You love your hockey jersey! You brought it to me, and asked to put it on, and then went and got your hockey stick! You are definitely your father's daughter!

  • I love how you dance right now, lots of clapping and stomping at the same time, although you also sway back and forth if it's a slower song like "Twinkle Twinkle" Or "I Love you"
  • You LOVE Barney! You ask Mawmaw to play your video multiple times a day when you are with her!
  • You love pizza! You can even hold a small piece and tear it off yourself!
  • You have become very cuddly lately, especially when you are tired! Mommy loves it when you are asleep from the car and I pick you up and you stay on my shoulder, or when you cuddle in when it is time for bed. I know you won't do it much longer, so I am savoring it!
  • You also love Daddy's hats! You take them from his head or if you see on laying around it eventually ends up on your head!

  • You give hugs like crazy right now! You run back and forth between us and give us hug after hug and say "awww." It makes Mommy melt!
  • You love bathtime and always try and make Mommy and Daddy laugh and get soaked!
  • You love your "teetee" (kitty) Eddie and pet him and give him hugs all the time!
I love you little girl, more and more each day and I am so proud of how you are growing up and learning so much already!

Row Merrily my beauty,


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