Monday, May 14, 2012

Another Unexpected Hiatus

This past week was tough. Probably the toughest I have had besides the week before Natalie was born. Our family was struck DOWN by the flu. Not just a cold, I'm talkin about shivering and sweating, achy, can't keep anything in my stomach for the life of me FLU.

It started Tuesday morning, and it took me twice as long to feed Natalie breakfast because I had to keep running (literally - SPRINTING) to the bathroom. It was so bad that I finally plopped her in her crib with some toys and went back to bed and tried to periodically check on her through the baby monitor. I had two layers of clothes and the blankets and was STILL cold, even though I was sweating and had to keep the fan on to blow on my face. And it just kept getting worse. Hubby's mom came and picked Natalie up on Wednesday and she didn't come back until Thursday night, and by then I was feeling a little better, but still nowhere near ready to take care of my baby.

Friday, I still couldn't keep anything in. I had nightmares all day of being at a table taking an order, having an "episode" and either (A) puking on someone or (B) it coming out the other end. (TMI I know - sorry) I tried to call in. I know I was contagious. But they couldn't find anyone to work for me. Saturday and Sunday I worked too, and even though I was feeling better, I still was no where NEAR 100 percent.

Now, it's Monday and I can say I feel better, but I'm at about 90%. I'm still a little stopped up from the Immodium my mom had the genius to bring over, and everything isn't back to normal yet. I did however get to eat REAL FOOD yesterday, and it was SO GOOD.

So I'm sorry for the lack of posting, it's been a HELL of a week.

In other news, I'm sure you've noticed my new name and design by now! I'm hoping that you like it, because I think it fits me and my family a bit more than the old name, as much as I loved You Me and Natalie, I just couldn't get away from feeling like my next child would feel "left out" because I fully plan on still blogging by then, and it still being a big part of my life. So, I went with something that I felt drawn to. The tree logo was an image that I used in my wedding planning and decorations, and the colors were the colors in my wedding as well. The Growing Tree was the name of the preschool I went to growing up, and I have alot of fond memories about the place. It also symbolizes that my family tree is still "growing" and I have images ready with 4 little red hearts instead of three, etc. etc. just in case. In fact we MIGHT have to be adding a blue heart here soon because a certain little BEAGLE is expecting PUPPIES.


Oh, and I just have to share one.more.thing.

Look at what Hubby and Natalie got me for Mother's Day!! It's a snowglobe that plays music and spins, and he had it engraved "Happy First Mothers Day Love Mike and Natalie"


So, that's the news. I need to get caught up on my schoolwork so I'm jumping off of here. Expect a few more TINY changes on my blog in the next few days, and for my posting to get back to normal!(I HOPE)


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