Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Not Waist Watcher Wednesday

So, I know I've been slackin' on my good ol' blog lately. And honestly, I haven't gotten alot of traffic here either, especially on my Waist Watcher posts. And let's be honest, my weight loss journey has pretty much sucked lately anyway. So, I'm officially retiring WWW until next year. I'll probably pick it back up around the first of the year with ideas and tips to get ready for bathing suit season. (which it currently is RIGHT NOW and I am no where near ready) Thank you SO much to all who participated, I appreciate you all SO MUCH, and I hope that you decide to stick around.

Now, a quick update on the pups: They are a week and a half old and we still have all seven! They're doing great =) Here's a quick pic.


Other than that I don't have much to report. I have a Nail Files post scheduled for Friday, and a Significant Other Saturday post coming up this weekend, so I'll be around a little bit more. I've just been super busy with the baby and the puppies, and getting the house together and cleaned in preparation to rip our carpet up. We're almost there.

Have fun this week!

Oh and if you want to get more updates than on my blog, you can follow me on Twitter @growingtreeblog or on Instagram @thegrowingtree!


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