Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Influenster Mom VoBox2012

DISCLAIMER: I recieved these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.

I posted this photo on Instagram a few weeks ago, and since them I have been giving the products a go.

1. Ivory soap - I grew up with this bar of soap and know it well. It has a clean, fresh scent, and it's a great bar. Unfortunately, I am partial now to liquid soap, and would probably have used it if there was a way to get it from a bar to a liquid. I didn't really research it, but I doubt it's possible. And I just don't like the way a bar leaves residue EVERYWHERE.

All in all a good product.

2. imPRESS-on Manicure by Broadway Nails - I'll admit, I've been wanting to try these since I saw the commercial for them thinking that they were more like the nail polish strips. Unfortunately, they are the plastic press ons that we all love to hate. Plus, I got a horribly ugly color. I will probably use the coupon and get at least one more set, but I have to say I was only mildly impressed.

A good product for people who like press ons. I was fortunately blessed with decent nails, and don't need them.

3. Stash Superfruits Tea Sampler -  I honestly read the side of the package and was afraid to try half of these teas. They have exotic fruits in them, and most of them just intimidated me. I actually really liked the Acai Berry one, however. Unfortunately, I am not a big tea drinker so I have only tried two of them, and didn't like the Goji Berry one.

Hit or miss on this product.

4. Quaker Soft Baked Oatmeal Raisin Cookie - I heart BIGTIME oatmeal raisin cookies and this one did NOT disappoint! You can't ever go wrong with a soft, chewy oatmeal raisin cookie! There was just enough ratio of sweetness, oatmeal and raisin.

A winner in my book!

5. Dentek Flossers Floss Picks - I love these things, and have known about them since I was a kid, but I didn't think that they still made them! So easy to use, no cutting off the circulation on your fingers from wrapping floss around them, easy to get in between your teeth, the perfect amount of floss to clean with.

All around a great product!

I thoroughly enjoyed this first voxbox and I am looking forward to many more!

On a last note, I have to say that all opinions are my own and do not reflect Influenster or any of the companies in any way. I was not compensated, I am simply spreading the word! =)

Have a great day everyone!


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