Monday, August 20, 2012

Comin up on The Growing Tree

Man! I am going crazy being stuck with only my phone to work with! It's killing me because it is so hard to compose a post, or to welcome all my new followers correctly!! I hope that you all will be patient with me until I am back up and running!

Later on, I will be heading to my mama's house to use her computer. I have a lot to share with you! Coming up:

-My new 52 in 52 list.
-A great nail art tutorial from Mrs. Y @ Miles Behind Me.
-Instagrammy catch up
-The return of My Hubby Rocks, which will now be a Sunday Link up!
-An update on Natalie and her first birthday party!
-Two new additions to my family - one furry and one not-so-furry but just as cute!
-A new nail files post! Finally!

That should keep me very busy tomorrow! And keep you entertained for a bit I think!
Stay tuned!

Sending you sunshine,

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