Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Natalie: Month 12!

Dear Natalie,

You are now one year old! You had so much fun on your birthday, and at your party, and you're actually 13 months old right now, but we're stopping the monthly updates, so it will be less often now.

Your doctors appointment was the Wednesday after your birthday, and you did so well!


Weight -

Birth: 4 lbs 0 oz
1 mo: 5 lbs 13 oz
2 mo: 8 lbs 3.5 oz
3 mo: 10 lbs
4 mo: 13 lbs
5 mo: 12 lbs 13 oz
6 mo: 14 lbs 4 oz
7 mo: 15 lbs 2 oz
8 mo: 15 lbs 3 oz
9 mo: 16 lbs
10 mo: 16 lbs 5 oz
11mo: 17 lbs
12 mo: 18 lbs 3 oz

Length -

Birth: 18 1/4 in
2 mo: 20 1/2 in
3 mo: 21 in
4 mo: 22 1/2 in
5 mo: 24 1/2 in
6 mo: 24 1/2 in
7 mo: 25 in
8 mo: 25 3/4 in
9 mo: 25 3/4 in
10 mo: 26 3/4 in
11 mo: 27 in
12 mo: 29 1/4 in

Nothing has changed in your eating routine! You still have fruits and oatmeal mix for breakfast around noon, veggies for lunch around 5 pm, and a meat/veggie combo or macaroni and cheese (your favorite!) for dinner around 9 pm. You are drinking three 8 oz bottles a day, one with each nap now.
You are starting with finger foods this month! So far we have tried:

Chicken pieces
Carrot cubes

Your favorites are still:

Macaroni and cheese
Green Beans

You are now a pro at holding your bottle. I used to have to hold it for you after a while, but now you don't need me at all, and I only sit with you to make sure you don't get up! And you also are starting to get in the habit of needing a bottle to go to sleep. Momma doesn't mind right now, as it helps you go to sleep SO QUICK and without a fuss, which is awe-some.

You are doing so much better with sleeping now that you have your bottle with you! No problems getting you to go to sleep at all anymore, as long as you have "Bob-bob" and monkey.

You are officially teething! You got three teeth within a week after your birthday party and they're still coming in, but you are doing great! You did get a little fever, and because of that a cold and small ear infection, but you didn't let it stop you at all!!

You are adding new words! So far you have said:

Good Girl

New words:

Bob-bob (which is definately bottle)

You are now in size 3 diapers! Still in 6-9 month clothes and some 12 month clothes, and size 3 shoes!

You will be walking any day now! You're still working on standing independently but you are getting braver!

You had so much fun at your birthday party! You got tons of fun things to play with, and an AWESOME high chair that is like the Cadillac of all high chairs!

The highlight of the day was when you decided that you liked your cake, and you just grabbed it with BOTH hands, pulled it OFF the plate towards you, and literally faceplanted into your cake and started NOMMING on it! Every once in a while we would see you go back in for more!

I'm so excited to see what next month brings!

Momma and Daddy love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow!

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