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Tuesday 10s: #2 Favorite TV Boyfriends

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Favorite TV Boyfriends! Now, to me you could take this two ways, either (A) actors on tv shows who you WANT to be your boyfriend or (B) characters on tv shows who make the BEST boyfriends. I chose to go with (B).

10. Coach Erik Taylor - Friday Night Lights

He is a good husband. Supportive, kind, loving, and against all odds faithful and loyal to Tammy. Love him.

9. Lt. Matthew Scott - Stargate Universe

He is head over heels for Chloe, and even though they are millions of lightyears from home with no way of getting back, they still manage to find hope in each other, even when she contracts alien DNA.

8. Commander William T. Riker - Star Trek: The Next Generation

Riker and Deanna Troi are destined to be together and he is an amazing man worthy of her affection.

7. Raylan Givens - Justified

Raylan and Winona are so wrong for each other and yet so right. You can just completely tell that he never stopped loving her.

6. Dr. Daniel Jackson - Stargate SG-1

Oh, Daniel Jackson. First you witness him fall helplessly in love with Sha're, to the point of leaving his world behind in order to be with her. Then you have to watch him lose her. And then heal through his interaction with Vala Maldoran. He's nerdy yet sexy, smart as hell and passionate to a fault.

5. John Crichton - Farscape

John and Aeryn's sexual banter and denial of their feelings make for fantastic tv. And his love for her is so great that he she actually falls in love with him twice - after watching him die. It is fantastic.

4. Richard Castle - Castle

Castle is a playboy and a sap. A devoted father and a relentless "researcher". He likes to get what he wants. And, in the season coming up we finally get to see it!

3. Pacey Whitter - Dawson's Creek

Pacey is a troublemaker. Until he meets Andie. Then you see him change to please her, and what girl wouldn't want that?

2. Uncle Jesse - Full House

I had such a crush. Not only was he cool with his best friend's kids and his own, but he was a loving devoted husband and a hottie to boot!

1. Cory Matthews - Boy Meets World

I based most of my expectations of relationships on Cory and Topanga. Love his devotion and that they've known each other forever.

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