Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Desire to Inspire - I Am Beautiful

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When I saw this link up opportunity on Lena's blog a few weeks ago, I knew I had to join in. Body image is something that I think every girl struggles with at some point in their lives, and I have also dealt with personally for a good chunk of my life. There have been times when I have done something about it like pick my lazy butt up and get to the gym, and there are other times where I did nothing more than cry into my pillow when yet-another-stupid-boy called me fat or ugly.
Now that I have a daughter, I feel like it's even MORE important to feel comfortable with myself, just the way I am, so that I can lead by example for Natalie. Now, while I'm not currently "doing anything about it" I already have plans in place to get back into the gym, start my Waist Watcher Wednesday posts, remain accountable, and shed that baby weight. Then following that, get down to a place that FEELS healthy on the weight scale. I'm not SO worried about weight, more how I feel in my clothes and in my skin.
Also, at the same time I want to be ok with whatever point I am at in my weight loss. I want to feel confident and I am working on that. I am hoping that I will be successful in helping Natalie to have a positive self image as well. I don't know yet how exactly that will happen, other than to love her and tell her how beautiful she is, which isn't hard because she really is the most beautiful little girl to me!
On another note, more recently I have seen this great video that I am going to link here call the Dove Real Beauty Sketches, where girls describe themselves, and then a woman (or man) who has just had a brief conversation with them individually sit down with a sketch artist. The drawings are then placed side by side, and....well....just watch. It's amazing, sad, and revealing all at the same time.
Moral of the story:
You are more beautiful than you know. Embrace it. Live it. Flaunt it.
BE YOU, because you can't be anyone else.
And above all else:

See you later lovebugs,

A Royal Daughter

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