Thursday, May 23, 2013

Little Miss Natalie

There has been a lot going on around here lately! Here is what you have been up to lately...
New words include cracker, cookie, applesauce, shoes, socks, and the doozy....bumblebee!
You curl your tongue (just like mommy can!) and you now make "indian noises" covering your mouth and going "ahhhh ahhhh ahhh" So cute!
You know where your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue and fingers are. You will only say "eyes" and you also do spirit fingers when we ask you where they are!
You have started climbing around more. Momma caught you upside down in the recliner, and also on top of your toychest. You are going to give Momma a heart attack!! 


You love your "Bubble Guppies"! You grab the remote and give it to us saying "bubble guppies" and when we turn it on you love to climb up or chill out and then you just zone out and nothing we say registers with you anymore! You are starting to get Momma's "selective hearing" haha
You love to lay down on a pillow or a blanket and pretend to go "nigh-night" even when you are wide awake! You certainly know how to go to bed too, you tell us when you're ready by grabbing Monkey and your sippy cup and heading to the gate. After pjs and a diaper change you usually plop down on your tummy and settle right in with your arm wrapped around monkey. You are SO GOOD with bedtime, I don't know how we got so lucky.
Your answer for everything right now is "no" or "oh no" even when you mean "yes". Anytime and every time we ask you a question! It's a good thing that Daddy and Momma are so good at reading you to determine what you really mean!
You love bubble baths, but lately you have really loved getting in the shower and playing with the falling water! You are definitely going to love the pool and water park this summer!
You love sports! Daddy has definitely been influencing this, but now you say "hockey" whenever it is on! "Hooooockey hoooooockey!" You also yell and cheer and say "YAY!" whenever ANYONE scores, no matter if it's your team or not! You just love the goal horns!
You have been imitating all of us a lot lately! You talk on the phone like Nana, laugh like Momma, sit on the couch and lean like Daddy, and you LOVE your Poppy! You also like to sit and read just like Nana does, and we caught you!
We finally figured out what the gibberish that you were saying was, and it's "gotcha gotcha gotcha!" Nana chases you around and when she catches you that's what she says! You have been saying it a lot lately!
You love to go "buh-bye" and you say "see ya guys!" and run to the door, as long as you are leaving with us. If we are going without you??? TEARS and SCREAMS and TANTRUMS! You hate being left behind! You are also stellar when it comes to your carseat, you love to put your arms in yourself, and take them back out once we are where we are going! And on the way you love to point your finger at me and yell "GO GO GO!"
You love to pet the puppies and that's usually the first thing you do when they come inside is run over to the gate so that you can say "Puuuppies" and pet them. You also love to scold them when they bark, and it is so funny! You yell "heyyyyyy!" and point your finger and them and stamp your foot!
You are also in your "must dump everything on the floor" stage. You have a shopping cart full of toy food and your favorite game is turning it upside down, spilling out all the food, yelling "YAY!" and then spreading them ALL over the floor with your hands! You do the same thing with your blocks, AND your puzzle pieces!

Momma has been having so much fun with you lately, and I can't wait to take pictures with you and Daddy this weekend!
Momma and Daddy love you more and more every day!
Row Merrily my beauty,

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Harley Cocks said...

That's just gorgeous. I just adore how much you love Natalie. She is definately the light of your life.
Oh, and since she is so good at going to bed maybe you could do a post on her night time routine? I have a pretty good bedtime baby too, but he's only 6 months- who knows what will happen in time.. but there's so many bubbas & toddlers that hate bed! You definately were blessed :) x

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