Monday, August 22, 2011

#7, #10, and #50

Today I wanted to do a catch up on the non-baby things that I have been working on: my 52 in 52 list.

#7 - Fix computer. This is complete because we really don't need to anymore. We have a laptop now (yay for portability) and we really don't need the desktop anymore. We are so set on it, in fact, that we are talking about getting rid of the desk altogether and just getting a file cabinet to set the printer on. It will free up SO much room in the living room for....a pack n play...ah, babies!

#10 - Reorganize and store CD's. I completed my half of this three days ago, and I refuse to even try to organize my hubby's, considering he just added his best friends giveaways to the pile. I will find a central place to put them, but if he wants to organize them, it's up to him.

#50 - Get rid of the turtle. We did this about a week ago, and I felt horrible but at the same time it was the best thing for him, and for us. He was getting too big for his tank, and a bigger one would have been super expensive. Also, adult turtles carry salmonella, and I wasn't going to risk him infecting my little girl. Here is a picture of his "new tank":

Part of us will really miss him, but part of us realized that he really didn't bring anything to the family other than taking up space and being something "cool" to look at. We are more of a cuddly animal type of family!

I also have some progress to report.

#1 - Rename all photos, organize, and delete duplicates.  With having the new laptop, I transferred all of our photos over to the new computer. I plan to work on a folder a day and get as much as I can done to rename all of the photos in each folder. It will probably take me about a month but I am determined to finally get this done.

#29 - Have a couple friends over for dinner two times. The first will be this Saturday! Friends of ours who are getting married in November (the day before my birthday yay!) are coming over to see the house, hold the baby, have dinner and hang out with us! (That was alot of h's wasn't it!?) I am making tacos/chicken fajitas, and they are bringing dessert. I can't wait!! (Now I have to clean the house! AHHHHHH!)

I am also working on what Jen at IHeart Organizing calls a "family binder." I stumbled across her website looking for some calendar pages and household cleaning organization materials, and I loved her website instantly! The binder helps you organize everything from your meal planning to your budget to your coupons and recipes - whatever you like! She has some great PDFs for sale on her etsy website, but unfortunately this Mama is b-r-o-k-e so I will have to design them myself (and they will therefore be MUCH more basic than her awesomely colorful ones!) Once I have it finished I will post photos of the details.

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