Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A pleasant surprise!

So, first I have to apologize for not being around to post every day like I had been, but we hadn't had internet at the house, and we just now got it back! I don't know that I will be posting every day, but I'm hoping that I'll be posting at least three times a week.

So, the last time I posted we were headed down to the hospital to speak to the nurses about giving her a bottle every time it was time for her to eat. We were prepared to check her out of the hospital that night, but luckily when we got there we didn't need to! She had taken every feeding that day by bottle, almost as if she knew that we were getting anxious about taking her home, and had decided that she was just going to do it! Like a lightbulb had just gone off inside her little brain that said "I can do this!" Talk about a pleasant surprise! So, the nurses told us then that as long as she kept it up and continued to do well, that we should be prepared to take her home by the following Wednesday. We were so excited! Only problem is we hadn't had our second baby shower yet, and we didn't have our carrier to take her home in, so we were freaking out just a little bit.

I'll get to the post about our baby showers here in a little while, but on Sunday just before the shower started, we decided to call and get an update on our little girl. We spoke to the nurse and they had exciting news for us - they wanted us to room in with her THAT night, and she would be going home the next day!! It was the best news we had ever heard!

After the shower, we got everything home and got the carrier in the car, and picked out her "going home" outfit, packed and headed out for the hospital! We got there and got settled and they got her ready to go to our room with us. It probably shouldn't have been as fun as it was, it probably should've been stressful, but it wasn't! It was so much fun!

The next morning we got her into her going home outfit, and did her carseat training and before we knew it we were on our way home!

We got home and my mom snapped this photo of us:

And here she is all wrapped up in her bed for the first time:

The last week that she has been home has been a crazy ride, but I am loving being a mommy! She is a little piglet and is taking all of her bottles really, really well. She is doing great with the pets, and the pets are doing great with her! Here is a shot of Marty's first meeting with Natalie:

He sleeps in front of her door, and checks on her constantly. He comes and gets us if he hears her crying. He is a great doggie brother!

She is really great with bathtime, she is really great with sleeping, she is just the greatest, best little girl! I'll finish this post with some pictures that I have snapped this past week. We are just loving being parents!


Baby shower post coming up next!

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