Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday: Weekend Wrap up!

Happy Monday! (I guess, lol) I had a pretty good weekend, it was slightly busy but lots of fun! We even threw in an outing to watch the UFC fights on Saturday night! Munchkin did great, she slept almost the whole time!

~ Wash bottles
~ Clean litter boxes
~ Put Natalie's laundry away
~ Baby bathtime! =)
~ Work

~ Pioneer Woman's show at 11:30 am
~ Vaccuum bedroom floor
~ Get baby bag ready for Sunday
~ All laundry: sheets, Natalies, Ours
~ Work on meal plan, grocery list, and family binder
~ Baby bathtime! =)
~ If I don't work, maybe clean/organize the basement a little

~ (hopefully - weather permitting) A high school dance class get together/playdate for our kids =) It's going to be so much fun!!
Saturday didn't go very well. Let's just say it was a female day, and I didn't get out of bed. I got Natalie's laundry done (there's already more) and got her a bath, but that's the extent of Saturday. After bathtime, something crazy happened! She outgrew her first outfit!! I had literally put this outfit on her approximately two weeks ago, and this is what happened:

And here she was wearing that sleeper in the NICU! My baby is growing so fast! WAAAAHH!

That evening I was feeling better and we went to the Green Turtle to watch UFC. Here's some pictures I took of Natalie after I got her ready for going out that evening.

My friend Amber came home with me and stayed the night and helped me with Munchkin throughout the night so I could get some rest. I'm hoping to work on a few of those things today and the rest of this week.

And here she is this morning, in my favorite sleeper she has right now =) I think I will cry the day she grows out of this, and will probably go buy her a bigger one!!

There's my weekend in a nutshell!

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