Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Our baby showers

So I wanted to take some time and share some photos from our baby showers and give a BIG thank you to both of my best friends, Jess and Amber! THANK YOU GIRLS!!

First up is Amber's shower! It was on Wednesday July 27th, which was actually a week later than what we had orginally planned because of me going into labor and being in the hospital and then with her being in the NICU. The morning of the shower finally got here and we headed to Amber's house. When we got there we helped set up and waited for everyone to arrive. We had a really good time, and the food was delicious!! Here are some pictures:

Next I want to share a few photos from Jess's baby shower. We had so much fun at both showers and we thank EVERYONE who came out and blessed us and Natalie with the things that she needs!

The stroller and carrier (not pictured) that Jess bought for us:

 And the awesome signature mat that Jess is framing for us:

Thank you Jess for an amazing shower! Here is a shot of Jess and I:

And thank you Amber for an awesome shower as well! Here is a shot of Amber and I:

And a last shot of Hubby and I:

Post coming soon: Finished nursery photos - as soon as we get her glider in and get her bookcase bought!

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