Friday, June 15, 2012

Natalie: 10 Months!

:: Another Disclaimer:: This post has been in my queue for FOREVER waiting on photos. I took them and never edited them. So even though today is her 11-monthday, I won't be posting her 11 month photos until next week. Here we go =) ::
Dear Natalie,

You are now 10 months old! You are getting so big, Momma is wishing you would just SLOW DOWN!

We finally had another doctor's appointment for you!


Weight -

Birth: 4 lbs 0 oz
1 mo: 5 lbs 13 oz
2 mo: 8 lbs 3.5 oz
3 mo: 10 lbs
4 mo: 13 lbs
5 mo: 12 lbs 13 oz
6 mo: 14 lbs 4 oz
7 mo: 15 lbs 2 oz
8 mo: 15 lbs 3 oz
9 mo: 16 lbs
10 mo: 16 lbs 5 oz

Length -

Birth: 18 1/4 in
2 mo: 20 1/2 in
3 mo: 21 in
4 mo: 22 1/2 in
5 mo: 24 1/2 in
6 mo: 24 1/2 in
7 mo: 25 in
8 mo: 25 3/4 in
9 mo: 25 3/4 in
10 mo: 26 3/4 in


You are doing good sticking to your eating routine! You have fruits and oatmeal mix for breakfast, veggies for lunch, and a meat/veggie combo or macaroni and cheese (your favorite!) for dinner. You are back to drinking three 8 oz bottles a day.

The only new foods you tried this month are:

Banana Puffies
I was really surprised that you didn't hate the prunes! I guess they taste good, although Momma doesn't like them!

Your favorites are still:

Macaroni and cheese
Green Beans
Sweet Potatoes

You are now a pro at holding your bottle. I used to have to hold it for you after a while, but now you don't need me at all, and I only sit with you to make sure you don't get up!


You have been even more active sleeping lately. There have been a few nights where you have absolutely refused to go to sleep for almost an hour and a half and will stand up in your crib and scream/cry. Now, I know you're faking just to try and get me to come get you, and I'm not falling for it, but let me tell you it is HARD! But once you are out, you are OUT COLD.

You are adding new words! So far you have said:

Good Girl

New words:




We've moved you up in clothes! You are now wearing anywhere from 6 mo, 6-9 mo, and 9 mo clothing. Momma has lots of cute sundresses for you this summer, and I can't wait to dress you up in them!

Also that tongue thing that you have started doing? HILARIOUS.

You are in size 2 diapers now, and they seem to be much better. We're thinking you'll probably be in them until your first birthday or maybe a little after.


You still just LOVE bathtime! I can't wait to take you to the pool and see how you do with LOTS of water! =) I just love your little bathrobe! It's probably one of my favorite things!

You are officially a crawler! You are starting to walk more and more and you just love to stand up! We can't stop you!

This month we celebrated my first Mother's Day, and let me just say it was perfect =) I had to work in the morning, but afterwards you and Daddy gave me your present (a gorgeous snowglobe) and then we headed out to Red Lobster where you were (as always!) the center of attention!

I'm so excited to see what next month brings!

I hope this next month is just as exciting as this past month was! And that it goes by SLOWER!!

Momma and Daddy love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow!

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