Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cameron's Due Date: Where are we today?

So not only is today Cameron's due date, but today is my first day back at work. I am so missing this little face:

But I know that I need to be at work. Gotta love not having paid maternity leave. Since I am currently nostalgic, I thought I would take this time to write down Cameron's birth story, for the record.

It all started the morning of July 2nd. My doctor agreed to induce me at 38 weeks. So, we spent the night with Natalie and took her up to Nana's house, and headed in to the hospital to get ready. I got in my gown and got in the bed, and proceeded to wait.

My best friend arrived a little while later, and hung out most of the day with me. Her and hubby took turns walking with me after receiving my first dose of medication that was supposed to thin everything out and jump start labor. I sat on the birthing ball a little bit, and after the second dose, and two hours in bed, I started walking again.

My sister arrived later on in the afternoon and hung out with me. She would be staying all night until I had Cameron, and my mom was watching her kids.

About 6:00 they started the Pitocin. At first nothing happened. It was a lot more waiting. Jess (my best friend) had to leave for work, and at the time there wasn't anything going on.

All at once everything started happening. At first, I thought that I could handle the contractions. Then one came, and I remember saying "oh...this is what it felt like all day with Natalie." Then another one. This one hurt - badly. Then they just started getting worse and worse, and I remember something setting me off and I started crying, and compounded with the pain I just couldn't stop crying. I remember squeezing my sisters hand so tight and looking at her, but not really seeing her. In the time of four contractions, my body had gone from 0 to 100 miles an hour and it was only going to get worse.

I had originally wanted to try and make it without an epidural. Well, I am here to tell you that every single person in that room was trying to talk me into it, and I finally gave in. In between tears, contractions, my heaving chest, and my nose (which I actually asked to blow before they inserted the epidural in my back) they proceeded to stick a needle in my back. While it hurt, it was NOTHING compared to what I had just been through. Hubby held my hands and my hair, and told me I was beautiful and he was so proud of me, and helped me through holding still for the time I needed to.

It was the smartest thing I have ever been talked into. Within minutes my whole lower body was a limp noodle and I couldn't feel a thing. She had said to me that I might get some feeling back after the initial dose, but let me tell you I never felt a THING. My legs were two tons - EACH. Instantly I felt amazing enough to close my eyes and try and get some sleep, with Hubby in the chair beside me holding my hand. (at least I think that's where he was) I was out for what felt like two hours, but it was maybe 30 minutes.

Around midnight they woke me up, checked me and said that I was ready to go. Jess was getting off of work, and I asked them if I could wait for her to get there before I started pushing. They agreed, and soon after she arrived, we started. Now, keep in mind that I said my legs were two ton sticks of jello. I could not lift them for the life of me. So, I had my sister holding one leg, and Mike holding the other, and we started to push. Mike said he was thrown off by this, but I don't think any of us was expecting me not to be able to hold my legs.

I'm guessing that I was pushing for around an hour. I don't remember much of it. I know that they ended up giving me oxygen while I was pushing, and I ended up at one point yelling at the nurse.

All I have to say is that woman needed to learn how to count in rapid succession! It seemed like she would either skip numbers or have a big ol' pause in between numbers, until she frustrated me enough to yell "YOU COUNT TOO SLOW!!" Mike says she was counting fine, it was just my imagination. But, seriously, I couldn't breathe, and she was asking me to hold my breath and push WAY past a count of ten, and then wouldn't give me two breaths in between pushes! UGH!

I do remember the doctor getting up and leaving, though how long she was gone I don't know (hubby says it was almost a half hour and he was wondering IF she was even coming back!) but eventually she was back.

So, I remember almost feeling like I was close to the end (even if I couldn't feel anything) and I got a second wind. I pushed four times instead of three, and in the middle of the last push they told me to stop, because the cord was actually around his neck. Luckily everything was easily fixed, and they pulled him the rest of the way out! He was here! They put him on my chest and dried him off. Mike cut the cord and then (bless them!! best thing ever!) they let me continue to hold him! If you know the story about Natalie you know that she was wisked away from me almost immediately after birth, because she was premature, so this was such a wonderful thing to be able to bond with him almost immediately!

Eventually, they took him so that they could do all the measurements and give him his first bath, which I watched from the bed. Then Mike dressed him in his first outfit, and fed him. I, however, was complaining about losing a bit of my vision, and I was just exhausted, so I leaned my head back and I believe slept for about 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, everyone helped move our stuff over to the room we would be staying in, and eventually the nurse woke me up and asked me if I could feel my legs at all. I could feel my right one a bit, but my left leg was still numb. So, the nurse brought over the wheelchair and got me into the bathroom and cleaned up, and then took me over to our room to get settled in. I got into the bed, got settled, and so did Mike and so begins his little life!

We snuggled a little bit that night, and the next day he was visited and loved by many of his family! He is a very happy baby, and I am loving him to pieces!

I miss him already!!

Welcome to the world, little buddy! Momma and Daddy love you!!

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