Monday, July 15, 2013

Little Miss Natalie: Birthday Edition!

Oh my munchkin!! How fast this year has flown by! I made you a new button, because you have just been changing so much, and you are too darn cute in this photo!

Today is your birthday. Two years ago, right at this very moment you entered the world, and grabbed your Daddy's finger. It was love for you two (and Momma as well!) at first sight!

That first month FLEW by, because half of it you spent in the NICU. When we finally got you home you grew so fast!

At six months, you had just started eating solid foods, you learned to roll from your back to your belly, you started to play with your feet, and you were doing an awesome job sitting up on your own!

By your first birthday you were doing so many awesome things! You were holding your bottle on your own, you had gotten your first three teeth, and you were SO close to walking!! You had a blast at your birthday party, and enjoyed your first bite of cake which you LOVED - and still do might I add!

The next six months brought your first steps, your first sentences, your first trip to the zoo, your first time going swimming, playing peek-a-boo, your first "TOUCHDOWN!", the arrival of your cousin Celia, your first trip to the pumpkin patch,  and the announcement that you would be a big sister!

Since then, you have been amazing us with your intelligence and your quick wit and general goofiness! You are a fantastic kid! You love the Bubble Guppies, hockey and the Devil's goal horn, playing with your blocks, bouncy balls of all shapes and sizes, your sesame street rock band toys, and riding your bike. You are so smart, and you love to talk! You love chicken nuggets and "fry fries", cake and frozen yogurt, and "iced tea".

You have endless energy and keep us running whenever we are out somewhere! You have the best habits, you love to take baths, and brush your teeth, and never fight Momma when going into your carseat or changing your diaper. It's like you already understand that you need those things to be happy and safe, so you never give a fuss about it!

You've been to your first circus, and your first arcade, as well as took you to your first baseball game for Mother's Day! Daddy and I also took you on your first road trip to the Devil's hockey stadium the weekend before your brother came, and we went to the zoo for Father's Day.

Two weekends ago, we took you swimming again, and you had a blast!! You just love the water, kinda like your Momma! I wonder if you will be a swimmer.

We also got you a big girl bed which I think you are really loving! You are doing well with it for the most part, you just don't ever want to stay in bed, you want to get out and play! We will get there!

And then there is this new little person in your life, who I think you love more than you love us! Yep! Your baby brother Cameron! You LOVE him, and are so excited to see him every day! It makes my heart burst when I see you together.

We had a little birthday party for you yesterday, and here are a few photos from the party.

Momma and Daddy love you so much baby girl, and I can't wait to see how you grow and learn!

Row Merrily my Beauty,


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