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My Husband Rocks: Vol. 23 with Jen @ On a Rock in the Pacific

No husband is perfect and it doesn’t really matter. What matters is how I set myself up to think about him. If I focus on his failures, his annoyances, or ways in which I’ve felt hurt by him, then I will interact with him as a hurt and frustrated and disappointed wife. That makes for miserable living for me and my husband and those around us. But if I focus on his strengths, his potential, and the ways in which I feel blessed by him, then I will interact with him as a forgiving, blessed, and contented wife. And there’s no greater need a man has than to feel respected by his wife. If he feels like all he does is hurt, disappoint, and frustrate, then the same atmosphere and the same actions will be perpetuated. But if he feels that his wife can be happy and responsive regardless of his shortcomings, he feels respected and empowered. Then a positive atmosphere is perpetuated and actions, once destructive, can improve in an environment that is rich for cultivation and growth into deepened respect and intimacy."

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This week we are talking about anything you want!

This week has been a doozy. Let's just say that my first few days back at work have been crazy, and things at home have been even crazier. Hubby lost his job this week, but everything is ok. Let's just say that it was time to move on, and he already has another job, he is just waiting for his drug test to come back and for his start date.

So, this week, my husband rocks because he has been taking care of the kids all week, and I know from experience that is NOT an easy task. I'm surprised that he hasn't pulled his hair out and told me to come home early! He's an amazing dad, and I am so thankful that he is the father of my children.

My husband rocks because I've been hurting in my shoulders a little this week (possibly the stress from delivery finally stretching back out, or a strain, or a number of things) and he has been really supportive and has been giving me time to be on the heating pad without having to get up.

My husband rocks for not complaining about all the dishes in the sink that I haven't felt like washing, because we have been cooking at home all week. Dishes are my arch nemesis, second only to trains.

My husband rocks for still alternating nights with me taking care of little man, and doesn't complain when it's his turn. Granted, Cameron has been SUPER about sleeping already, so it's not a HUGE deal, but it's still nice.

My husband rocks for the way he takes care of Natalie and entertains her when I am finally at the end of my rope and frustrated with her. I hate her whineyness sometimes, and he comes to my rescue and plays with her for me.

My husband rocks for the way he jumps in with Cameron when he knows I need a break.

My husband rocks for bringing me home Mountain Dew when we can't really afford it. (you know because of the whole no job, being tight on money thing)

My husband rocks. He keeps this up I might have to actually like him! =)

No seriously, he is amazing and I am completely and irrevocably in love with him! (name that movie)  

We want to hear all about the loves of your lives!

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