Thursday, March 28, 2013

Baby Cameron: Bump Photos

Baby Cameron is growing like a weed! At my last ultrasound they said he is weighing about 9 ounces, which now will be a little bit more than that. I get another ultrasound at 27 weeks and I look forward to posting about that.

I see pregnant bloggers fill out little surveys about baby, so I thought I would do that about once a month (since every week is a little bit of overkill and I don't have time for that!)

Here goes:

How far along? 24 weeks 1 day (I don't have a picture for 24 weeks yet though, so that will go up next time!)

Total weight gain/loss: So far just 7 lbs or so.

Maternity clothes? Yes. Pants definitely - I started wearing those a few weeks ago. I'm still trying to fit into normal shirts but I won't be able to do it for much longer!

Stretch marks? Thankfully no, but I have about 5 from last time. I'm hoping that I don't get too many more!

Symptoms: Does exhaustion count? Seriously, tired ALL. THE. TIME. And a tad of nausea here and there, but nothing too bad. Heartburn like CRAZY.

Sleep: It's starting to get more uncomfortable sleeping at night, and I miss sleeping on my belly!

Best moment this week: Hubby getting to feel baby move for the first time. He didn't seem too impressed but I'm hoping he starts to like it more!

Have you told family and friends? Yes, everyone knows! It would be a little hard to keep it a secret at this point!

Miss anything? Normal clothes, having energy, sleeping well, and not having heartburn!!

Movement: Man feels like baby is doing summersaults in there half the time! Lots of kicking and punching!

Food Cravings: Ice cream (chocolate), Chocolate milk, chocolate candy, Starbursts, Wheat thins, Fruit, pickles, (Yes I'm a stereotypical preggo!) Thin Mints, and also an adversion to red meat. I'd much rather have salad, seafood (no sushi or salmon though - I'm talkin crabmeat YUM) or chicken lately. Also spicy food: buffalo chicken, salsa, hot sauce on tacos, etc.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Not really, I just stay away from anything that looks like it might make me icky.

Have you started to show yet? Oh yes. It has been obvious for weeks now!

Baby is a: Bouncing baby boy!! Cameron Glenn =)

Belly Button in or out: It's starting to get shallower, but still in for now.

Wedding rings on or off? Still on. I kept them on all the way through delivery with Natalie so hopefully I will be able to do that with this one as well. I don't know how I would feel if I couldn't wear them!!

Happy or Moody most of the time: Ask my hubby and he would probably say moody, but other than having no sleep and being cranky I think I'm still a pretty happy camper. My Natalie keeps me smiling!

Looking forward to: Our next ultrasound and getting to see Cameron on screen again! We can't afford a 4D ultrasound, but it will be nice to see his little nose again, and compare it to our girls!

There you have it! Everything you wanted (or didn't want) to know about my growing little boy!! Look for another update April 25th!

Until later lovebugs,


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