Friday, March 8, 2013

52 in 52 Update: March

1. Blog at least twice a week. Been doing this.
2. My Hubby Rocks posts each Sunday. Here, here and here so far.
3. 52 in 52 updates once a month (1/12 )
4. Post Desire to Inspire posts once a month. See the first one here.
5. "Little Miss Natalie" posts twice a month. Here and here (1/12)

24. Get a meal planning system going. Working on this: I have the meals figured out, it's just when to make them.

30. Update baby book monthly. Completely forgot. Will get it done this week.
32. Finish 0-6 month scrapbook. Working on it. Not going very well right now.
37. Bump shots weekly starting at 18 weeks. Been doing this with the help of a friend.

40. Have a gender reveal party. (Scheduled for March 9th!)
41. Buy my baby bag and necessities. (Thirty-one party March 9th!)

That's it for now! Looks like a good start to me. My next update will be April 12th!

Until later, lovebugs!


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