Friday, March 1, 2013

Little Miss Natalie

Your current favorite word is "umm!"

You are starting to recognize letters, and your favorite letter is B!

Mommy downloaded an animal counting app for her phone and you love it! You love touching the animals, and I am starting to hear you say the numbers after the app says it first! Smartie-pants!

You love to walk around with anything that looks like a cup and "take drinks", so we got you a tea set! You LOVE it!

You are blowing kisses now! At first you would just put your hand up to your mouth and go "mmmmm" but now you're getting the "mwah!" with the hand flourish at the end! It is SO cute!

I yelled at you the other day, and you came up to me and said "Sowwy Mommy" OMG- tears.

You were in the car with Daddy the other day in the drive-thru and ordered "frenchie fries" all by yourself!

You like to headbang to music in Daddy's car.

You learned how to work your train toy in a new way ALL on your own! You are so smart!

You are TICK-LE-ISH!!! Mommy loves to tickle your belly and under your ears and watch you squirm and hear your little belly laughs!!

You think you are SO funny! Sometimes you'll bust out in this BIG ol' laugh for no reason and you think it's the greatest!!

You love it when Mommy dries your hair after bathtime.

You run around giving Monkey to everyone for him to get hugs, then steal him back and hug him yourself!

You chowed down on some tacos and actually stole Daddy's, and you LOVE lo mein!

You. Love. Your. Daddy. And you do a lot of the things that he does, just like this time, when you say Daddy on his phone so you decided to play with your phone too!

You love to close doors, and insist on closing it yourself! You yell "doooOO" and close it and then clap!

You know when the Devils score a goal. You hear the buzzer and you start yelling and clapping and then you dance and stomp your feet to the "hey song"!

Mommy loves you so much little girl!

Row Merrily my Beauty,


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