Friday, March 22, 2013

Gender Reveal Party: The Details

I had so much fun at this party, and my wonderful friend Ida took pictures for me! Click here to visit her Facebook page, she is amazing! Tell her I sent you and say hello!

Without further ado, here is my party!

The day started with hanging signs and balloons so everyone knew which way to go to get to my party.

Then we got to work on setting out the food, favors, buttons, and making the punch:

We hung some signs on the front door for fun, and soon my guests arrived, including the lovely Mara from Cupcake Therapy with my gorgeous cupcakes!

As soon as everyone arrived, we divvied up the buttons and took pictures of "team pink" and "team blue":

And then headed into the room and got the party started!

Our fabulous Thirty One Consultant, Crystal gave a stellar and FUN presentation:

Dressed me up in a TON of bags:

And then the fun began! This was the "left/right" game to determine who would open the envelope to reveal the gender of my kiddo!

Michelle won!

It's a boy! I had so much fun celebrating my future son that day, and I truly love all the girls that came and helped to welcome him!

Not to mention got a GORGEOUS new profile photo to use out of the day! I want to thank Ida for doing an AMAZING job on the photography! Again, follow her on Facebook, and also check out her blog! You won't be disappointed!!

Until later lovebugs,

1 comment:

Sarah K. said...

What a fun party! Congratulations on your boy!

When are you due? I'm pregnant with a boy too, due in August. I love following other pregnant mamas.

I'm following your blog on Bloglovin now. :)

-Sarah K.

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