Monday, March 11, 2013

Mani Monday with Guest Mrs Y!


Today for Mani Monday I have an awesome tutorial for you from a good bloggy-friend of mine, Mrs. Y! She is great and needs no introduction at all! Here she is!

Hi I’m Mrs. Y and I am guest posting for Rachael today, thanks Rachael for allowing me to steal your blog. You can find me at my blog:

Today’s guest post is about a butterfly manicure. Rachael and I met through my sister and started talking on IG (Instagram) with each other. She likes the manicures I do so I thought that I would do a butterfly manicure today.

I have some pictures of the mani to show you.

 photo mani3.jpg

The above is the first time I did this design. I used an orange polish.

 photo mani1.jpg
I have yet to clean up so my apologies. I use a concealer brush dipped in acetone to clean up. Makes it easier. The polishes I used in the video are: Zoya in Charla, Wet N Wild in 424A and 449C (black and white). The polishes I used before were the Wet N Wild in white and black and Sephora Burst of Mango Cream. The nail art brush I used is Winning Nails by World #306 Nail Art, from Sally’s Beauty supply. And the dotting tool I got from Sephora’s website. But like I said you can use a toothpick. Huge thanks to Rachael for letting me take over her blog today. Hope you guys liked my guest post. And if you want to find me you can at my blog.

Mrs. Y

Isn't she great?! And that manicure is fantastic! I decided to attempt this myself, and was only bold enough to do one nail on each hand. While I don't think mine look near as good as hers, I'm going to attempt it again someday and hopefully do it a little better! Here's my take:


Here is a better shot of the color, which is a GORGEOUS multi-prismic shade of blue/purple, and the detail of my nail:


Not bad right? It's a super cute idea, and I'm loving it!

Go visit her and send her some love from me!

Linking up with Vicki, Tara, and Heather! Thanks girls for inspiring me!

See you later lovebugs!


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Aishah said...

I like the black & blue shade!
Just stopping by for the link-up :)

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