Monday, June 3, 2013

33 Weeks 6 Days

Today shouldn't be a big deal, but I feel like it shouldn't go by unmentioned here. Today is the exact day in my pregnancy with Natalie that I went into labor, and about 8 hours later, she was born.

She was born seven weeks early.

I would like to say that I'm not nervous at all, but that would be a lie. I feel better this time. Healthier. But I'm still a little nervous about him sticking around in there a little longer. He needs to stay in at least another two weeks or more. After 36 weeks, I am not worried. He could come at any time. I, of course, am hoping for the end of June. Mike keeps saying that he is convinced that he is coming on June 30th, which couldn't be any better for me. Ida's birthday is on June 26, so that is ok with me too. I just want him to have his own birth month. I would really love for them to be born in separate months.

Of course, none of this matters. Regardless of how many jumping jacks I do or do not do, he is going to come when he is ready to come, and it really isn't up to me.

All I care about it that it isn't ANY time soon.

See you later lovebugs,


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Harley Cocks said...

Sending lots of sticky dust!!

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