Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Blog Swap Linkup!

Hello everyone! I am so excited that I was able to connect with Rachael through this blog swap. I blog over at Work from Home with Kids and would love for you to stop by! Since connecting with her I have been brought back to last summer. We had a fantastic summer, but we spent a lot of time at home. This summer I needed a change, especially with now three kiddos walking/running around my house.

planning a Spectacular Summer

Today, my little Monkey turned one and I am remembering and appreciating the changes that have come to our lives since her birth. Last summer I had a newborn and an 18 month old, well actually two 18 month olds, including my daycare boy. We didn’t do much outside of our home, but this year I wanted it to be different. Money is tight, so I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. Originally I was a bit hesitant because we live in a smaller town, but I have been surprised with my results!

Monkey 1 day v 1 year
First, I thought about how many days a week I would want to go out of the house and what I wanted to do. I also took into consideration that I would need to get 3 car seats and 3 kids into our van. I set our schedule for two days a week for outings; one of the days would require car seats and the other would be within walking distance. Next, I set out to find events. I only had to look in two places, our public library and parks and recreation. I was amazed at the events that I found; we are going to a magic show, an inflated jump room, several water activities, story times, ice cream shops and the beach! In addition to these “field trips” I have at least one art activity planned for each day, many that extend past the making, like our DIY Binoculars. To help keep all of my ideas organized and maximize the kids learning I do weekly themes. For example, the week that we are going to the beach, we are doing a beach theme. Learning about the ocean, what lives in/near the beach and how to take care of it.
our summer so far
Rachael, thank you again for having me, I hope we can do this again soon! Enjoy your days approaching and following the birth of your sweet little baby. My favorite part of having two is seeing the bond between them grow. It’s truly magical!
sisterly love
Written by Heather a wife and WAHM of two little girls ages 1 and 2.5. I blog over at Work from Home with Kids sharing work from home ideas, kids crafts and meal ideas. You can connect with me on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Sverve.
Isn't she amazing?!?! If you get a chance pop over to her blog, and read the post I have written for her today! I hope you all like it or find something to groove about!
See you later lovebugs,

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