Friday, June 7, 2013

Little Miss Natalie

You, my beautiful girl, are growing up WAY too fast! Here's what you've been up to lately:

You took your chicken nuggets off your plate, one at a time and counted "1, 2, 3, 4, 5!" I was FLOORED! I didn't even know you knew any of your numbers yet! Nana has been busy teaching you things at her house!

Any time you want me to hold something, or I ask for something you say "Heeere ya go!" with a big smile as you hand it over! It is too cute.

As I mentioned in the last update, we had family pictures done. You did so well! We had fun walking around with you, and even though we've only gotten a handful of pictures so far, I know we will have a ton of great ones!


We celebrated Memorial Day with the family and you had a blast! You played with Daddy and the boys with the football, and just generally had a good time running free around the backyard. You swung on your first big girl swing, and you went down the slide almost completely by yourself! It doesn't seem like you're going to need Momma's help with that for very long! You are a very brave little girl already!


You are OBSESSED with Bubble Guppies! I know I said this last time, but you literally go into a trance and can watch over two hours of the shows in a row without moving. It's a good, educational show so Momma doesn't mind too much.

You love to sing, and pretend to play instruments. You have played the straw, and you hum, and you play your Sesame Street piano very well!

You LOVE frozen yogurt! This time you did a lot better with not getting it everywhere, but I think that was just because you didn't want to waste a single bite! I think it's going to become a tradition that whenever Daddy gets his hair cut, that we go to SweetFrog. You love it!

You have become very animated, and opinionated! You are not afraid to tell us when you are happy, and you are definitely NOT afraid to tell us when you are NOT happy. Case in point:

This is your "But I wanna go outside NOW" face. TOOOO adorable!

You love rides. Any time we go by one, you run to it! It's a good thing Daddy had some change on him last weekend! You also love to throw change into the pond at the mall now that you know how to do it! You didn't want to leave after Momma ran out of change!

You are just so. much. fun. Momma and Daddy are having a blast with you right now! We can't wait for baby brother to get here to see how you react to him!

We love you more and more every day!

Row Merrily my beauty,


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