Friday, June 28, 2013

Baby Cameron Update

We might be insane. No, I'm pretty sure we are insane.

Let me clarify:

Hubby and I are taking Natalie on a four hour trip to Jersey this weekend. Mike won tickets to the NHL draft being hosted at the Prudential Center (home to the Devils - our team) and they are providing us with VIP passes, swag bags, possible floor seating and lots of things for little kids to do as well, which I am thinking Natalie is going to have a blast! It is her first long car ride, and it is going to be a little uncomfortable for me, but we're going up the night before, stopping halfway to eat, and staying in a hotel that has a pool and free wifi and TODDLER BEDS so that is really cool. We are also staying the night after the draft as well in the same hotel, and then going home in the morning, so I'm really not all that worried. It is going to be a lot of fun. But, at the same time  I am almost 38 weeks pregnant. I hope I don't go into labor while we're up there, but if I do we'll figure it out. I'm not holding my breath because Cameron seems to be pretty dang comfy.

So comfy in fact, that they are going to be inducing me! I will work a half a day on Monday and then Tuesday morning we go in!

And so, Cameron's birthday will hopefully be July 2, 2013 or July 3, 2013, almost two weeks before his sister's second birthday. I think we will be allowed to go home on the 4th of July more than likely, which is perfect because I picked out fourth of July outfits for both Cameron and Natalie and they match perfectly! I can't wait to dress them both in their outfits!

It's real and it's really happening! I'm not sure whether to freak out, or be excited, or FREAK OUT! In FOUR days I will have my first (and possibly last) boy, my second (and possibly LAST) child, and Natalie will finally be a big sister!

I can't wait!!

So, forgive me if I fall off the face of the blogging world for a while, in order to take in the smell of my new squishy and enjoy some MUCH needed time to rest, love, and be with my family. Because that's what it's all about!

Please excuse the horrible bathroom selfie... this is probably the last preggo picture I will ever take, except maybe one Tuesday morning. =)

See you later lovebugs,


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Harley Cocks said...

eeekk.. im sooo excited for you :) xx

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