Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten Year Anniversary and Football

Before I get down to business I just want to say a few things:

1. I will never forget where I was, this day, ten years ago. I was sitting in French class and we turned on the tv just in time to see the second plane hit the second tower, and then watched in horror for pretty much the rest of the day. At the time, I was a junior in high school and selfishly all I could think of was how PISSED I was, because that means that our class trip to Paris was going to get cancelled. (they cancelled all international flight)

2. I cannot put into words the emotion I feel when I see the memorial. So I won't. I'll just show you a photo.

Beautiful. I will go - soon. (Probably the next time hubby and I head up for a game)

Ok, down to business!

FOOTBALL IS BACK!!!!! The hubby and I had an amazing time at the game, it was crazy, fun, emotional, and just an all around AWESOME time.

Tailgating with our new friends (old friends to Hubby as he's been talking to them on the Jets blog and on twitter) was really, really fun. And we finally have an updated Jets photo of us!

The pregame ceremonies were really cool, and being in the same stadium as George W. Bush was pretty darn cool.

The halftime show was emotional and heartbreaking and touching all at the same time. The maglights are flashlights held by friends and family that were lost in the tragedy, and is in the exact measurements of the twin towers. In the center are two searchlights representing the towers themselves.

Here's a better picture from a stock photo from Google. (You can't really see the searchlights - that was taken with Hubby's camera)

Final score:

Here we are celebrating our V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!

And in front of the stadium after we left with it all lit up behind us (Hubby insisted on this one, and I believe we took about 4 photos before we got one he was satisfied with)

And just because I could, I posed for this little jem:

But of course, we couldn't leave without something for our little munchkin!!

Until next time Meadowlands/Metlife Stadium! We shall see you soon, because you are HOME =)

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