Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekend Planning Blog Hop

Hello there! After cleaning so much on Wednesday, and working tonight (although TECHNICALLY now it's "last night") I am already exhausted. I still have to work Friday and Saturday night, and I don't know how I'm going to do it!

Anyway, here are my plans -


Clip leftover coupons from paper last weekend and organize
Wash Natalie's laundry
Finish our laundry (one load needing to be fluffed and one load to be washed/dried)
Maybe finally get to work on finishing our household binder
Dad and Lisa coming over at some point to give Natalie some new outfits
Work at 5 pm


Try to relax
Sweep and mop Natalie's bedroom floor
Pioneer Woman at 10:30 am
Work at 4 pm closing (won't get off work until about 12:30)


Family "picnic" get-together @ Pangborne Park (LOVE this tradition and can't wait to take Natalie!)

Now it's your turn! Tell us your weekend plans and link up with My Happy House!

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