Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Planning Recap

This weekend has been filled with highs and lows - here's what I got accomplished:



Clip leftover coupons from paper last weekend and organize This was finished Sunday
Wash Natalie's laundry
Finish our laundry (one load needing to be fluffed and one load to be washed/dried)
Maybe finally get to work on finishing our household binder
Dad and Lisa coming over at some point to give Natalie some new outfits (and a new camera - see previous post!)
Work at 5 pm


Try to relax
Sweep and mop Natalie's bedroom floor
Pioneer Woman at 10:30 am planning to watch this today
Work at 4 pm closing


Family "picnic" get-together @ Pangborne Park (I have an important picture - or two - to share today!)
Football Ugh. This did not go as planned. But I'm proud of my Jets anyway!
Clipped and organized coupons from this week's paper.

How was your weekend?

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