Friday, September 2, 2011

Blog Hop: Weekend Planning - Labor Day!

Let's see, this weekend is Labor Day which means the end of pool season. =( I didn't get to go swimming this year, and I'm so sad about it, but looking forward to getting back into bikini shape for next year when I take my almost one-year-old (OMG!) to the pool next summer!

Plans for this weekend include:


~ Dishes
~ Work
~ Baby bathtime! =)


~ Work on family binder, meal planning, etc.
~ Organize basement - take before and after photos
~ Work
~ Baby bathtime! =)


~ Visit with hubby's aunt and uncle so that the cousins can see the baby =)
~ Baby bathtime! =) (Gotta stay accountable on this, she's getting baby acne pretty badly!)


~ No idea, if no plans with family and the weather is nice, maybe a picnic in the park?

What are you up to this weekend? Tell me and link up with My Happy House!

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