Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Weekend Planning Recap


~ Dishes
~ Work
~ Baby bathtime! =)


~ Work on family binder, meal planning, etc. I ended up sleeping and hanging out with the baby instead!
~ Organize basement - take before and after photos   Proof.
~ Work
~ Baby bathtime! =)


~ Visit with hubby's aunt and uncle so that the cousins can see the baby - Instead we ran some errands that we needed to run since our car won't go where we need it to anymore. We are trading it in here in the next week or two.
~ Baby bathtime! =) (Gotta stay accountable on this, she's getting baby acne pretty badly!)


~ Relaxed, then went bowling with some friends. Natalie slept through the whole thing!

Tell me how your weekend went and link up with My Happy House!

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