Monday, March 5, 2012

Man Candy Monday #8: Corin Nemec

So, since I seem to be on a running Stargate theme, I think for the next week or so I will reveal to you three more of my favorite guys from the Stargate franchise.

First, is none other than Jonas Quinn. He comes to Earth from a planet called Langara when he is exiled for being a "traitor", (this is done to have him replace Michael Shanks when he left the show) and becomes an integral part of SG-1. He eventually has his exile lifted (when Daniel comes back to the show) and goes back home, but the time he spends with SG-1 are some of my most favorite episodes!

Good God Almighty look at that smile! I am a SUCKER for a killer smile!

I can also see shades of Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and Heath Ledger in him:

But he will always be my Jonas Quinn!



Joseph Charles Nemec IV


November 5, 1971
(Mine's the 6th!! ahh!)


Little Rock, Arkansas

Relationship Status:


Fun Facts:

He is a member of the Freemasonic Order (and is Master Mason)
Close friends with Brian Austen Green
He is mostly a tv actor

Notable Roles:

Operation Dumbo Drop
Stargate SG-1
Ghost Whisperer

I hope you'll join me next week, for my favorite character from Stargate: Atlantis!

Do you watch Stargate: Atlantis? Who's YOUR favorite character?

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Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

He looks so familiar...but not from anything you mentioned. Hmmm lol

Thanks for linking up! :)

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