Saturday, March 3, 2012

Significant Other Saturday #3

"No significant other is perfect and it doesn’t really matter. What matters is how we set ourselves up to think about them. If we focus on their failures, their annoyances, or ways in which we have felt hurt by them, then we will interact with them as a hurt and frustrated and disappointed partner. That makes for miserable living for ourselves and our partner and those around us. But if we focus on their strengths, their potential, and the ways in which we feel blessed by them, then we will interact with them as a forgiving, blessed, and contented partner. And there’s no greater need a partner has than to feel respected by their lover. If they feel like all they do is hurt, disappoint, and frustrate, then the same atmosphere and the same actions will be perpetuated. But if they feel that their partner can be happy and responsive regardless of their own shortcomings, they feels respected and empowered. Then a positive atmosphere is perpetuated and actions, once destructive, can improve in an environment that is rich for cultivation and growth into deepened respect and intimacy."

Significant Other Saturday is a day in which we can all get together and remember why we fell in love, why we continue to love, and why we will always love our partners. Too often we take our relationships for granted and just expect them to be there. Join Ida @ Eternity Kind of Love, and me - Rachael, as we challenge you to be attentive to your relationship and tell us all about your partner and why they are so special to you!


This weeks topic was:

Tell us one thing you can work on as a couple, and what steps you are taking to work on it.

Easter 2010
Here's ours:

We are horrible at fighting. Arguing is one of the most painful parts of our relationship, and even after we work it out, we continue to be in bad moods and pick at each other. It's not healthy, and not fun.

So we have come up with a "code word" which when we say it we literally do what it says...."CHILL." We also use the phrase "I don't want to fight, can we please just breathe?"

If I'm getting frustrated with what he is saying I say "chill" and he stops, changes the subject and we re-visit it once we've had a chance to calm down. The same thing goes for me, whenever I start picking at him he tells me to "chill" and I chill.

We've only begun implementing this, but we've been talking about it for a long time, so I'm thinking it will work, because we are both on the same page about it.

Wish us luck!!


We want to hear all about the loves of your lives!

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Significant Other Saturday

Next week's topic is:

What is your favorite shared hobby?


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