Tuesday, March 6, 2012

One year...

Exactly one year ago today, I had to write this post. (WARNING: It's not a happy post - read at your own risk)

Since then alot has happened, and although I have healed alot, I still find myself occasionally re-living that day and crying for my Beeber-kitty. I still miss her.

But I have been able to ease the pain a bit with these two:

And I don't know if it's my imagination, or if there's a higher power at work, and I'm not even sure if I believe in that whole reincarnation thing (Did you ever see the movie Fluke?) but I swear....

There are HUGE similarities between Indy and Sammie.

Sammie cuddles with me like Indy used to.
Sammie follows me around like Indy used to.
Sammie cuddles with me in the bathroom like Indy used to.
Sammie sleeps like Indy used to.
Sammie even purrs and meows like Indy used to.

I've even mistakenly called her Indy a time or two. It's almost like....a part of Indy is in Sammie. Like a piece of her soul or something, and God knew he took her from me too early, or knew that Indy's body wouldn't hold her anymore, so he gave her to me in Sammie.

I truly feel like we were meant to find Sammie, JUST like we were meant to find Indy.

I may be crazy, and it may seem irrational, and stupid, but it helps me. It may be completely off base, but I truly feel like she is still here with me, and I'll never have to truly be without her.

Because I have Sammie, and Sammie loves me as much as (and maybe even more than) Indy did.

I miss you Beeber, every day. But I'm ok, and I hope you are too.

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