Friday, March 2, 2012

The Nail Files VIII

This week's color is so cute! It's very summer-ish, but I am missing summer so I don't care! ha! Any way, it is a gorgeous coral/pink color called:

And here it is on:

Isn't it pretty! Gosh, even though we have had a VERY mild winter, (so mild in fact that the snowsuit I received for Natalie hasn't been used AT ALL) I am totally ready for kiddie-pools and sunshine!!

Linking up with Tara @ Fabulous But Evil, and Vicki at My Vickilicious Life!



Holly said...

I love all the corals that are popping up in this link up! I don't own a single coral color. How do the Loreal polishes hold up?

tara said...

such a pretty color! i'm ready for kiddie pools and sunshine too!

Sarah E. said...

I love pink nail polish - here's another I need to add to my to-get list!! :)

Kimberlee Van Der Wall said...

What a fun name hehe Gorgeous color! Would you say it's more orange or red? I may have to pick it up

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