Friday, April 5, 2013

Little Miss Natalie

Little girl you are growing up so fast! Let me show you what we've been up to lately!
You have been OBSESSED with your blocks! You always drag over the bag and hold it up, as if almost to say, "Momma, play?"

You love to watch tv snuggled up with Momma or Daddy. Just the other day you almost fell asleep on Daddy before your nap! It was soooo cute!
You are getting really good at climbing up and getting down off of the couch. I'm not as worried about you, but you still don't have good footing and we have to catch you from falling off a lot still! No unsupervised couch jumping for you missy!
You still sleep in the most silly positions! This was about a week ago, and it was too cute not to document!
You love to wear your coat! Sometimes you will bring it to me, wanting to wear it even if we're not going anywhere!
 We officially got your hair into your first FULL pair of pigtails! You look ADORABLE.

Momma spent some quality outside time with you last weekend, since it was nice and warm outside. You have so much fun!

You love to watch Momma and Nana cook. You always have to be up where you can see too, so it makes it hard, but still lots of fun!
 You LOVE ice cream and frozen yogurt! Anytime Momma has any you always ask for some! Here you are enjoying your first big girl cup of SweetFrog frozen yogurt.
You love being pampered. Getting your hair dry, putting on lotion, you love it all!
You have been getting so tired lately! Sometimes we don't even get you into bed before you're falling asleep on Momma's shoulder! I don't mind though.
You also love to be rocked. Momma is actually quite enjoying this, because I know I will not have as much time to rock you once Baby Brother is here! I may look tired, but I am loving this time with you!
You are starting to sing and recognize songs. I've noticed it lately especially with "ABC"! It's so cute!
You have been jabbering up a storm! Lately it's been all about "kittykittykittykitty" - you say it really fast so it ends up sounding like Chinese, but it's seriously cute! I'm going to try and get a video of you saying it!
We celebrated Easter this past weekend, and you looked so cute! You had your first Easter Egg Hunt and you had a blast!

Singing with your cousin Nathan

You are still such a ham about taking photos! Lately you have been sticking your neck out to get closer to the camera just to be silly!

 ~Your first self portrait~

 We took you to the Chic-fil-a playplace for the first time this week, and you had a blast! There were two little boys there playing too, and the first thing you did was run up and give one of them a hug! You are definitely NOT shy, and you followed them around quite a bit! Chasing after the boys already! Your smile is just so contagious! I love you!

 Momma loves you more and more every day baby girl!
Row Merrily my Beauty,


Chelle said...

She's too cute!!

Lacey said...

Cute little Natalie! I love seeing the pictures of her on Instagram! :)

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