Friday, April 12, 2013

52 in 52 Update: April

1. Blog at least twice a week. Done.
2. My Hubby Rocks posts each Sunday. Go here to view them.
3. 52 in 52 updates once a month (2/12 )
4. Post Desire to Inspire posts once a month. Here and here (2/12)
5. "Little Miss Natalie" posts twice a month. Here and here (2/12)

24. Get a meal planning system going. Haven't gotten this finished yet. We did one week of it, but then kind of fell off the wagon. We will get started soon.

30. Update baby book monthly. Ha. I'll get to it eventually.
32. Finish 0-6 month scrapbook. Haven't touched it. Hopefully will have some time soon.
37. Bump shots weekly starting at 18 weeks. Good to go. Except for the past two weeks. My friend is on vacation, she'll be back next week. I am going to try and take one on my own somehow.

40. Have a gender reveal party. Completed!
41. Buy my baby bag and necessities.

45. Have a set bedtime and wakeup time and stick to it, even on weekends. I've got weekdays down pretty good, just need to stop sleeping in on weekends.

That's it for now! Looks like a good start to me. My next update will be May 10th!

Until later, lovebugs!


1 comment:

Harley Cocks said...

Go you, you're doing so well and making progress!

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