Monday, April 29, 2013

Mani Monday


Mani Monday
Last week I posted a photo that included a fantastic coral color that I fell in love with a few weeks ago. Well I had a wedding to go to this weekend, and bought a coral colored dress just so I could paint my nails this fabulous color! When I was deciding what to wear jewelry-wise I wanted to accent with some turquoise. So, I went to pinterest, and found this:


 So I decided to go for it! Here are the colors I used:

Here's how it turned out!

I also spend some time with my Mama on Saturday and she gave me a pedicure complete with foot rub and all! I was actually pretty upset the last time I went to get a pedicure because they refused to rub my feet! They said that I could go into preterm labor, so they can't rub. I couldn't believe it! So, the foot rub from my Mom was a blessing, felt amazing afterwards, and LOOK! No preterm labor!! GRRR on you nail salon!!

She also painted my toes with Kook-a-mango. I must say it looks amazing as a pedicure color! I love it =)

I also tried Seche Vite this time for the first time and I am in LOVE! It dries SO fast!! I usually just run my nails under cold water to dry/set them for 30 seconds each, but this stuff I didn't need to at all! Of course, I was nervous so I still babied them for about an hour afterward, but next time I'm going to give it a real test! It may be my new favorite top coat!!

Next week I am debating about either the blue combo I previously talked about, or a hot Barbie pink! Everyone is doing it for summer, and it's making me want to join in! What do you think?




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See you later lovebugs!


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Danielle @ The-Lifestyle-Project said...

I have never heard of running my nails under cold water to set the colour. New trick I will definitely be trying next time, thanks for the tip!

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