Friday, April 19, 2013

Little Miss Natalie

Just wanted to fill you in on what you have been up to lately!
We have been spending lots of time "OUTSIDE!" lately! You LOVE IT. You are all the time running to the door and grabbing the handle yelling "OUTSIDE! OUTSIDE! UP! UP!" So cute.
You know what a kitty-kitty says, (MOW!) what a dog says, (WUF! WUF!) what a chick says, (PEEP PEEP) and we are currently working on what a cow says.
You have a new word, and it is SO cute! It's "Happy". You walk around saying it over and over, and it makes Momma's heart swell to know that you know what it means and you make it a point to say it.
You also love to help clean! You "sweep" and "mop" and the other night you took a baby wipe out of your container and wiped down the whole table on your own with a smile on your face! I know it won't last long, but you have a blast with chores! I can't wait to get you "washing dishes" (aka playing with bubbles)
You have also learned the word "No" and you know the difference between that and "yes". You usually say "no" nonchalantly and if you really want to get the point across, it's NO WAY! Or, if you are saying yes, you say "Oh, yes." "oh yeah!" or "yes yes!"
You are still being very cuddly, and it doesn't matter who it is as long as they'll hold you. I have to say that Momma is loving it, because I know a lot of my time is going to be taken up by baby brother soon!

You LOVE bathtime. You literally go running for the door anytime we say that word, even if it's not time yet. You get really upset if we won't let you in RIGHT then!! And then if we don't brush teeth after you have a meltdown! If there's one thing we're doing right it's getting you excited about the right things!
One of your favorite toys is your Minnie Mouse car. Daddy zoomed you around the living room and you just laughed and laughed! He had to stop for a minute, and you got SO upset!
Daddy also wants me to add that you love to play hockey, with him, and with Pappy! He brought you home a stick and you had a blast knocking things around on the floor with it...until your doggies chewed on it. Don't worry though you'll get another one real soon, Daddy will make sure of it!
You LOVE your play food! You love to pretend to eat it, you love to bring it to us to eat, and you love to throw it around too! We are working with you to put away your toys too, and you are doing really well!
You are just so beautiful, Momma can't help but be obsessed with you! Momma and Daddy love you so much!
Row Merrily my beauty,


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