Friday, October 21, 2011

52 in 52 Update

So it's been a while since I've updated on where I am at with my yearly goals, aka my 52 in 52. For my previous post click here.

#1 - Ikinda started flaking on our photos. I got a few folders done in our pets folder, but haven't done much since then. I am determined to get it done before the 52 days is up.

#11 - Ida and I started the program up back on October 11 and we are still going strong! I've made some short posts about our progress here. We will be starting week 3 on Tuesday!

#13 - I tried yoga, and I am going to hold off on this goal until I am in WAYYYYYY better shape. I couldn't even get through the "sun salutation". I have no strength, so I'm going to wait until I do, but from what I WAS able to do, I think I am going to like it =)

#20 - We went to the Baltimore Aquarium this past Wednesday with Hubby's cousin. We had a blast and Natalie did really well being in a strap-on-carrier for the first time! Here are some pics of the trip:

#24 - My recipe book is coming along, although I haven't done much new to it. I lost the pen I was using to write the recipes and the cards are shiny so if the ink isn't right it smears. I have a new pen now.

#29 - This ended up not working out. I didn't have the money that weekend to buy the supplies needed, and the house was a disaster and I was embarrassed. So, no dinner party. Yet.

#36 and #37 - Natalie's three month post was last Saturday - we had such a blast and everyone keeps telling me how professional the photos look! =)

#47 - Still in progress. I haven't done any puzzles in a while. I just haven't had the time or desire.

#52 - Still in progress with the family binder as well. I fully intend on finishing it this month so that I can feel more organized.

There you have it! I wonder where I'll be with this in two weeks....

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