Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Planning Recap and a new adventure...

This past weekend was busy, stressful, disappointing, and joyful all at the same time! How is that even POSSIBLE?



Weekend Planning post
Watch my tv shows and get them off of the DVR
Work at 5:15


Try to get some cleaning done around the house: mainly bathroom, bedroom, laundry
Work at 4:00


Football games on tv
Make chili for dinner (Hubby's request)

Laundry if any leftover

Monday: (I'm going to start including Mondays since I am always off work)

More cleaning
Work on my organization binder

Weekend Planning recap post

Friday and Saturday were busy but unfruitful days at work. I feel like I busted my butt and have nothing to show for it. But oh well. I'm going to start applying to some different jobs and see if anything pans out. I am actually considering an overnight job at a call center or maybe Sheetz (a gas station) but I'm keeping my options open.

Sunday, our Jets lost, but I did get some cute photos of my little girl in her new "jersey" which is GIGANTIC on her, but still oh-so-cute! Here she is with her Daddy:

She is getting so cute and chubby!

Last night I was talking to my friend Ida (she has a blog that is called Eternity Kind of Love - check it out here) and we made a plan to start running this week. We are going to start tomorrow afternoon! I feel good about getting back on the weight loss wagon, and excited to try and FINALLY lose the weight that I've wanted to for about 5 years, and to start training for my second 5k race in December! I had also planning on getting my Momma butt in gear and start getting up at a decent hour every day, and that was supposed to start this morning, but I bombed. I am going to try again tomorrow. Hopefully I can get it together and get my patootie out of bed tomorrow morning - I fully plan on going to bed in the next hour just so that I can! Wish me luck =)

I will post again tomorrow morning to update on my 52 in 52 list progress (next to nothing) but right now? Momma is watching the new episode of Castle and then heading to BED!

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