Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My top 10 most used baby items

So when I was planning my baby shower I loaded my registry up with tons of things from swings to clothes to rediculous things like a bottle warmer (SUCH a waste of money - I haven't used it ONCE!)

These are the baby items that Natalie (and her mommy) can't live without and use most often:

1. Bright Starts bouncer -

This was a hand-me-down given to us by a very good friend named Emily, and it is honestly the BEST gift we've gotten. Natalie sits in it almost EVERY day. It's great because it vibrates and plays music.

2. Formula dispenser -

This thing is a LIFESAVER when we are out and about! You can put three bottles worth of premade formula (or even breastmilk I would think...although I haven't tried to keep liquid in it) in it, and take it with you with bottles with water in them. Open the top, pour powder in the bottle and voila!

3. Diaper Genie Elite II -

I. LOVE. THIS. DEVICE. It keeps odors vitually non-existant, is super easy to reload, and the refills are SUPER cheap! A definate must-have.

4. Summer Infant baby monitor -
Another hand me down, but honestly it does it's job. It gets a little fuzzy when the antenna isn't pointed the right direction, but it has really good sound, and is reliable. This is just the monitor I have, but any video monitor would work. I really recommend video - its great for peace of mind.

5. HoMedics Sound Spa Lullaby with projection -

Yet another hand-me-down, and this is one of THE best things to have. This one in particular is a little cheap and the projection eventually stopped working, but the audio is great. It has five settings: heartbeat, ocean, rain, and two lullabies, and for $20 at Target, we're going to just go buy another one so we can have the pictures back on the wall, because Natalie LOVED it.

6. Boppy -
Love, love, LOVE it. 'Nuf said.

7. Baby Trend Jogger System: carseat and compatible stroller -

This stroller/carset set is GREAT. It is very smooth, which is great for running (which Natalie and I tested out for the first time this week and she slept through no problem) and the carset goes straight from the car attachment and clicks into the stroller. It also has a regular front facing stroller underneath for when she gets older. I definately recommend it - even my Hubby loves to push it and I find myself "fighting" with him over who gets to push the really cool stroller!

8. Pampers Swaddlers -

I told myself when I was pregnant that we weren't going to be picky about what kind of diapers we use. Whatever was on sale or we had a coupon for is what we were getting. That was before....NOW, I am a true Pampers mom through and through. Huggies just does NOT fit well on her, and we had two blowouts in the space of a WEEK of using them. With Pampers we have not had a single blowout and I LOVE that they have a liner which pulls the wetness AWAY from her cute little bottom. Huggies does have a better belly-button cutout (which is great for my umbilical hernia baby) but I felt not ruining her little outfits with blowout poo was more important. I have not tried Luvs yet, but why mess with a good thing?

9. Glider -

I love our glider - it is so comfortable that I have fallen asleep with Munchkin in my arms numerous times! A definate must!

10. The First Years Infant to Toddler Tub -

This tub is great! It fits right on your sink, has a plug for draining, a shelf for shampoo and baby wash bottles, and a sling for when you first bring baby home. I only used the sling itself once, and am now sitting her in the "infant" side. There is also a "toddler" side, so she will be using this bathtub for a good while!

There you have it! My top 10 most used baby items!

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