Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pinterst Project Saturday #1: Curling your hair without heat

So, I tried this method two different ways. The first way was to use a headband and put it around your head and then wrap your hair section by section around the headband. You can find the tutorial here. The process looks like this:


During (side):

During (back):

During (front):

Unfortunately I don't have after pictures, but I will tell you that the curls were not bad when I left the headband in for a couple hours with completely dry hair - but they did not last all day. Nor did they last all day when I put hairspray in them and left them overnight. The curls themselves are not very natural looking and it was very hard for me to get the back to look good, because my hair is so thick. It may work on thinner hair, but this was not the way for me.

So, I went in search of another method. The sock bun curling method - you can find the video here.

Here is what the process looks like:



The next morning:


Better close up of the curls: (ignore my cheesy smile lol)

And pulled back in a ponytail for work:

This curling method I really think would work better if i had a smaller sock (aka tighter curls) because it made my hair flip out at the bottom and not much else. However, I also think this has alot to do with the fact that my hair is not that long. I really didn't have much to roll in there and I think if my hair was longer this would have turned out better. I will also say that it fell throughout the day so I recommend using some kind of holding agent. (hairspray or gel) I recommend this method between the two.

There you have it! The first Pinterest Project Saturday of many (I hope!)

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