Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Recap - complete with pictures!

I just have to say that this weekend was a BLAST, but I am exhausted!



Finish dishes and wash bottles
Work at 5


Organize bills  - still need to do this. Problem is it has gotten so out of hand that I don't know where to start
Plan Couch to 5k training~ Finish planner with daily cleaning duties
Pack baby bag
Drop Natalie off for an ENTIRE day stay with her Nan (great-grandmother)
Work at 4 until 12


Nascar race in Dover!!
Pick up Natalie and go to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Jets game - we ended up stopping at the Green Turtle about halfway home to eat, and then picking up the munchkin before going home.

We had a blast! It was super cold and super windy and NONE of our favorites won, but we still had an awesome time. Here's a picture of us:

And a picture of Ben and Courtney watching the race:

They're getting married in November on the day before my birthday, and I am so excited for them!

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