Thursday, October 13, 2011

Weekend Planning - Baby Weekend!

I'm linking up with My Happy House for my weekend plans! Feel free to play along too!


C25K Week 1 Day 3 - 10:00 am
Post my weekend planning post
Do Natalie's laundry
Clean up the bedroom - put away clutter
Wash the rest of the dishes
Work at 5:00


Baby dress up and 3 month photos!
Try the yoga dvd that I have
Work at 4:00


Football on tv
Cook dinner
Meal planning - I mean this! We need to stop eating out or picking up fast food.


Weekend Planning Recap post
Cook dinner

Somewhere in there I'd love to:

Spend some time on Pinterest
Cuddle with my Hubby and munchkin (probably Sunday morning) =)


Mrs.CFH2 said...

Definitely meal plan! I'll be watching on Monday to see if you did it ;) It's such a great tool to save money and frustration when 5pm hits and you need to make dinner! Thanks for linking up, hope to see you next week too!

Joy said...

Have a great weekend, hope you get to relax some too.

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