Thursday, October 20, 2011

Weekend Planning

So, this weekend is going to be a slow one for me. I have been really tired lately, and I just don't feel like I am going to be very motivated to get anything except day to day things done.

I will be linking up with My Happy House for this post, feel free to join in the fun here!

On a side note, I am super excited about the Express Happy House Cleaning Challenge! I hope that I can keep up and everything starts to become a habit around this house, so that it stays a little cleaner and I can get this house ready for the holidays!


Daily cleaning - make bed, do dishes.
Couch to 5k Week 2 Day 3 - This is going so well! I am really enjoying getting out there and running again!
Work at 5:15.


Post my 52 in 52 update.
Daily cleaning - make bed, do dishes.
Do Natalie's laundry
Find a babysitter - work at 4:00


Relax and watch football.  NOTHING ELSE.


Begin my Express Happy House detail challenge - the kitchen. Before and after photos for my post on Wednesday.
Weekend Planning Recap Post

Somewhere in there I'd like to:

Go for a walk with Hubby, Natalie and the pups =)

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

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Mrs.CFH2 said...

Good luck on your C25K progress! Thanks for linking up!

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